Yoga Walking 10 Week Program


This is a ten-week program that is designed for participants to build a daily discipline of Yoga & Walking with the goal to increase vitality, strength, flexibility, endurance and an overall feeling of Wellbeing.

Weekly Classes

Our weekly classes will commence with a 40-minute Yoga practice in Mead Hall. We will then do a 45-minute ‘brisk’ Walk around the parklands, finishing back at Mead Hall with a 5 minute ‘stretch’.

Dates: January 30th to April 3rd
Time: Wednesday’s 5.30pm – 7.00pm
Where: 65 Flinders St – Mead Hall

Personalised Yoga Practice

I will work with each participant to build a daily at home Yoga Practice. This will be based on the series of Salute to the Sun sequences available here.

Each week you will be encouraged to build your daily practice by increasing the number of ‘Salutes’ you do and working your way up to the more challenging sequences. Of course you will only do what is right for you and if that is one Salute each day then that is what you do.

To give a sense of accountability you will be invited to ‘report’ your practice each week via email.

Personalised Walking Program

Each Wednesday you will set yourself a goal of how far you will be walking for the next week, again with the intention of building the number of km and the pace of your walking. You will always go at a level that is right for you – it is not a competition against others in the group.

Again to encourage discipline and accountability you will be invited to ‘report’ your total km’s each week via email.

Saturday Hikes

Across the ten-week program we will meet on three Saturday mornings for a hike, either in the foothills or if it’s going to be a hot day, along the beach – this will be confirmed on the Wednesday when we meet. These hikes will act as mini goals across the program, and although the goal will be to do the full hike there will be options to do a half or quarter hike if needed.

Hike Dates

  • February 16th 9am to 11am – 8 km
  • March 16th 8am to 12 noon – 16 km
  • April 6th 8am to 1pm – 20 km

(If you are unable to make one of the hikes we may be able to find another date where I am taking a group hike or doing my own personal hiking where you could join me)

Cost – $220 fully inclusive for the remaining 9 weeks

Payment may be made via Bank Transfer as follows:

Bank SA
Account – Denise Lukey
BSB – 105 079
Acc No –  046985440
Please put your name on the details section.