Welcome to Wellbeing@Work
We are a team of experienced professionals who deliver a comprehensive range of wellbeing programs to your workplace.

Wellbeing@Work is based in Adelaide, South Australia and has been delivering wellbeing activities to businesses, schools, community groups and individuals since 2003.

In today’s stressful modern workplace your employees may need a circuit breaker. Our toolbox of proven methods will de-stress your staff, improve their overall wellbeing and foster an optimum working environment. Choose from one or more of our practices – Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Meditation or Zumba and a peaceful, harmonious, well-functioning workplace will be on your horizon.

Wellbeing@Work will improve your company dynamics in ways that will surprise you. We bring our experience and expertise to your workplace, sometimes right to your desk.  After just one session your staff will feel the difference across the mind, body and spirit. If you’ve ever taken a yoga class or tried meditation, you will know this is entirely possible. Just imagine how this can benefit your bottom line over the long term.

Whether you choose a single class, a workshop or a more comprehensive ongoing program, we know you will be happy with the results we deliver. We are confident that, almost immediately, you will notice an increase in vitality in your workplace which will ripple out beyond as well.

As specialists in workplace wellness we provide a powerful way to effectively invest in your organization’s greatest asset.
Improved employee health at work has the potential to make a significant positive contribution to your business by:

  • Reducing stress levels, illness & absenteeism
  • Increasing productivity and staff morale
  • Improving inter-staff relations and customer service
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YOGA DELIVERED For healthy & productive employees
MEDITATION DELIVERED Calm the mind and reduce stress
DESKTOP YOGA Simple and effective stretch breaks
PILATES DELIVERED Heal the body and improve strength
LUNCHTIME & AFTER WORK YOGA Convenient classes in the CBD
YOGA HIKES Yoga + Fresh Air + Walk = BLISS!
MINDFULNESS DELIVERED For workplaces and other groups
WELLBEING@SCHOOLS For junior and senior students

If you recognize the importance of the wellbeing of your staff or are looking at ways to improve the energy in your workplace, contact us and we will arrange to visit at a time that suits you. From there we can tailor a program which not only meets your desired outcomes but will also suit your workplace demographic, ensuring that all staff can participate at a level suitable for them.