A bit about me…

Hello everyone!
My name is Denise Lukey and I thought I’d share my journey with you.

I started Wellbeing@Work 10 years ago. I had been working in Sales and Marketing for 16 years in the dynamic and often stressful environment of commercial Radio.  As a means to deal with stress I commenced a beginners Yoga course and from week one I was hooked!

Not long after I gave two years’ notice to my employee and set my course to become a yoga teacher. During these two years I applied the yoga philosophies to my work life.

At the time I was juggling roles of single mum, studying a Natural Therapies and Yoga Teacher Diploma with the high pressure role of Agency Sales Executive at DMG Radio Australia (NOVA/FIVEAA Adelaide). With the help of Yoga, these last two years became the most successful of my radio career.

From this experience it was only natural that I combine the experience of my previous corporate life with my new career as a yoga instructor to create Wellbeing@Work.  My goal was, and remains, to empower office workers of all levels to learn and practice the science of Yoga to bring success and balance to their lives.