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Wellbeing@Work - proudly delivering wellbeing to your workplace

There’s no need for your staff to step outside the door. We come to your office, your government department, your institution and we bring everything we need with us.

There’s a variety of ways to introduce our wellbeing programs into your workplace. Choose a one-off class, a course or a workshop. We can also add a different dimension to your upcoming conference. Whatever works best for you! 

In all of our classes, courses and workshops our teaching style is informal, gentle and relaxed. Participants are encouraged to practice to their own body’s ability, participating at their individual pace, with movements or postures modified to suit individual needs. There’s no competition – only transformation.

W@W classes and courses

All you need to do is provide us with a group of willing participants and a quiet, clean space to get started. A meeting room cleared of tables and chairs can usually accommodate our recommended 10–15 participants comfortably.

Classes can be conducted anytime across the working day, including sessions at lunchtime or before and after work. We are happy to guide you through some options. We are flexible after all!

A typical course will run for 6 to 10 weeks. We always start with an Introductory course and in ensuing courses gradually build the intensity as the participants acquire skills and confidence.

Classes are deliberately kept small to cater for all levels of health and fitness. They aren’t too strenuous, so a shower afterwards isn’t necessary. 

W@W at your next Conference

Invite us in to your next conference to bring a sense of balance to the day. Include us in any way that works for you. We can deliver an early morning Yoga or Tai Chi class to kick the day off, a Desktop Yoga stretch break between sessions or a full afternoon Wellbeing Workshop to address stress within the office.

You will be amazed at how even a short session with us can improve the concentration levels of your participants. Whatever you choose, we will work with you to ensure a memorable experience.

Let Wellbeing@Work tailor a program which not only meets your desired outcomes but will also suit your workplace demographic, ensuring that all staff can participate at a level suitable for them. Contact Denise to find out more.