school yoga

No need to wait until you’ve started work to discover the joy of wellbeing!

We now deliver our Wellbeing sessions into schools across Adelaide and outer metro regions. This can be a one off session to prepare the senior school students for exams, or an on going program run across the year to make wellbeing a part of the school culture for both staff and students.

Wellbeing@Work can offer instructors that specialize in Yoga for Stress & Anxiety, ideal for the senior students dealing with exams and the transition into adulthood. We also have instructors that specialize in Yoga for Kids, bringing a fusion of simple fun and quietness to your junior students.

Audio tracks to Prepare and Relax at School

Following are a series of Audio tracks to be used as a tool box for students to help deal with the stress and pressures of study, exams and the general challenges of school, uni and beyond.

They are designed to assist you with issues like work overwhelm, anxiety, exam performance, as well as tracks to support and encourage you to be your best. There are meditations, relaxations, tracks to inspire and tracks to help you prepare. Each track is focused on making your learning experience one that will inspire you to feel good and grow.


Relax and shine

Getting ready for your exam or presentation.

Clarity before exams

Keeping calm before your exam or presentation.


Release Pressure

For when you feel a build up of tension.


For when you feel anxious.

Yoga Nidra

For complete relaxation


Breath Awareness

For when your mind is busy.


For when you need a brain break.



For when you’re wanting a deep sleep.

One thing at a time

For when you’re feeling overwhelmed

Opening to your potential

For when you want to focus your attention

Have us come out to meet with you and discuss how we can work together to bring a culture of Wellbeing to your school.